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Upgrade Option is Available now! If you have purchased Soul Memories Silver Bundle Previously, now, you can upgrade to Platinum Bundle to enjoy the following offers:

+ The entire Soul Memories system shipped to you.
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Special FREE Bonus – 1 x  Magnetic Crystal Pendulum worth $49.50

PLUS extra 3 BONUSES listed below (Instant Download) :

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BONUS 1! Worth $68.50

Clients Awareness Jump-Start Worksheet

Help your clients align to a more purposeful reading and healing session!

When Clients come to you, they do not know what exactly how to describe their problems?

Experiencing difficulties to help your clients stay focus on the purpose of healing session?

When clients come to me, it can be vast different type of problem they are facing, Sometimes can be difficulties to help clients stay focus on each of the purpose of the healing session, sometimes, they can be having too many problems, or focusing too much on their drama, if you get what i means. 🙂

Over  15 years of providing healing services for my clients, i have compiled a list of common problems which help me and my clients to formulate an empowering, purposeful and specific direction for the session. This help me and my clients priorities, stay focus on the top purpose of the session, instead of being dragging out of nowhere. If they are having many different type of problems, it is also help my clients realise it might need multiple session in order to sort out one by one.

This ready-made Jump-Start templates,  come with 60 type of ready-made  questionnaire template, which can be help you and your clients stay focus on the most taxing/important issues for the Soul-Memories reading, or even can be use it for other healing modalities, such as reiki, Spiritual Response therapy, EFT, Theta Healing, Emotion Code, dowsing and other healing modalities.

Benefits and Purposes:

  • Help yourself or clients to gain clarity, stay focus and grounded on their problems before Soul Memories Session or any healing/clearing/reading session.
  • Realign your client’s purposes for self-transformation and development rather on quick fix or changing others.
  • 60 type of self-reflective question, help your clients set a crystal-clear healing intention and the purpose for the healing session, including Love relationship, Social Behaviour, and Financial Blocks.
  • Can be reuse for other healing modalities and techniques.

BONUS 2! Worth $98.50
Chakra Guidance Dowsing System

Help you and your clients identify harmony energies or trapped emotional energies in each of the chakra!

When Clients come to you, they may ask what are the status of their chakra?

What if, you can tell them exactly type of energies in their 7 chakra?

Give your clients a chakra reading and overall status easily and effortlessly.

  • Beautifully illustrated Energy patterns and Chakra charts.
  • Chakra Worksheets
  • Manual

BONUS 3! Worth $127.50
Slique & Healthy Dowsing System

Help you and your clients identify the weight gain limiting beliefs, physical and metaphysical root causes of unable to reduce weight!

They are many physical and metaphysical reasons why we can’t reduce to ideal weight, with this dowsing system, you can identify the root causes, both physical and metaphysically. 

  • 60 type of Weight Gain Limiting Beliefs Questionnaires
  • Beautifully illustrated Root causes pendulum charts
  • Slique & Healthy Client Worksheet
  • Manual


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